What is New in atPHARMA 2.2 Build 1002

1. Report of fast moving items
2. Report of slow moving items
3. Backend is changed to MYSQL
4. 3000 item limitation of product list is removed.
5. Product list shows additional information like generic name, shelf, stock etc.
6. Expiry report with additional filtering options like product wise, group wise, generic name wise, manufacturer wise and distributor wise.7. Facility to view the expiry report of products that expire within a specific period
8. Facility to select invoice number in CR, BR, CP and BP.
9. Invoice amount is checked in CR, BR, CP and BP.
10. Facility to hide batch in Sales Invoice and Purchase Return if the stock is zero.
11. Intelligent allocation of items, if stock is insufficient in the current batch.
12. Replacement purchase allowed for expired items.
13. Facility to enable or disable Tax in application level.
14. Quantity column added in Free Issue Report.
15. Bank Reconciliation added.
16. Provision to hide optional fields like Doctor, Sales man etc.
17. Report lay out changed.
18. Area wise / Representative Wise report with an option to sort date wise or name wise.
19. Facility to export master data to Excel sheet
20. Facility to resize column widths in the grid and facility to skip the fields that are hidden.
21. Facility to display PTS instead of PTR, if the company is a Distributor. PTR will be retained for retailers.
22. Option to enter whether the bill is a cash bill or not. Facility to enter party name if Cash Account is selected.
23. Billing Time added in invoice designer.
24. Short Expiry report. The short expiry period can be set in the settings.
25. In PI, replacement checkbox added to indicate if it is a replacement purchase or not. Additional report added for replacement purchases.
26. In stock report, new field ‘Near expiry qty ‘is added.
27. VAT incorporated
28. Option to set the font name and size in all forms
29. Day closing option in Settings.
30. New fields like Passport No, Date of join etc. are added in User Creation form.
31. Employee master report
32. Option to make employee active or inactive. Login is denied for inactive employees
33. Multi currency support.
34. In sales invoice, instead of patient, the caption will be displayed as Party for Distributor.
35. New rate called Display rate is set as default rate for invoices.
36. Features, Barcode designer and Barcode Printer available in purchase invoices
37. Insurance company option
38. Sales Invoice reference field provided in all Sales return invoices
39. Product Profit report
40. Facility to set any date in Period Setting
41. Credit card payment option in Sales Invoice except Counter Sales
42. Option to set the color of forms
43. Printing method made simple. No need to worry about the port or USB modes.
44. Pharmacology made part of main product.
45. Facility to add or edit information in Pharmacology
46. Built in drug database is given by default.
47. Purchase Estimation is added
48. Facility to copy and paste invoices using the short cut keys Ctrl + Alt + C (for copying) and Ctrl+ Alt + V (pasting).
49. New product batch form with tax and opening stock options
50. Cash Account can be set as default
51. Facility to set a particular sales man as default.
52. Display of stock value included in Expiry report.
53. Facility to view Balance Sheet in detailed mode.
54. Report of all master files.
55. Facility to view product group wise and party wise sales report.
56. Facility to view Cash Payment/Bank Payment/Cash Receipt and Bank Receipt report filtered on Party and Amount range.
57. Ledger report shows ledger total.
58. Account master report with several filtering options.
59. Medicine report is changed to medicine location report
60. Product/Group/All are grouped under one tab in filter dialogs
61. Negative stock report with several filtering options.
62. Product master report with Product Group wise filtering.
63. Enhanced graphical analysis.
64. Toggle toolbar added.
65. ST%, AST% fields are added in the designer.
66. Provision to edit counter sales invoice.
67. Facility to restore the column width of invoice grids by pressing the short cut key combination, Ctrl + Alt + R.
68. Provision to enter Opening stock in Batch form.
69. Provision to change MR to Purchase Invoice and DCNo. to Sales Invoice respectively.
70. Search facility added in Insurance Company creation form.
71. Facility to enter VAT number in company settings form.
72. Facility to view sales report manufacturer wise and distributor wise.
73. Replacement purchase option added in Purchase report
74. Auto Back up feature
75. New sales register and purchase register forms
76. New sales and purchase reports.
77. Balance sheet and P&L report in improved format.
78. Budget form in improved format.
79. Facility to display warning message in sales return form, while returning expired items
80. Facility to display quantity in decimal.
81. In Sales Invoice, additional columns for taxes are added.
82. New format for all reports
83. Default sales rate setting added
84. Demo of version wise features
85. Facility to reregister
86. Facility to handle received cheques
87. Report of cheques in hand

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