Use of Information Technology to Medical

medical IT“Handbook of Medical Information” explains that information is massage or news..

Based on Encarta dictionary, technology is (1) use of tool or method, (2) way of technical use, (3) drove of culture. As literal translation, Information technology is use of tool / method to give massage/news. It can be traditional, confessional or modern way. Medical means anything has knowledge where doctor or medial teams are equal part of personal or family. Concerning with definition above, some information will be delivered in “Use of IT to Medical”. Distance healing by TV or internet that use alternative method, it’s not included in this category.

Used previously

In daily practice, formerly doctor had used information technology. But currently technology information has grown up soon, People think that information technology is electronic side, i.e. electrical use.

Two methods in use

Electrical use in delivering information to medical side can be divided to two side, they are administrative function and diagnose and sometime able to give as medical.

Kind of Administrative

Administrative means no contact or no get in touch to patient/client directly. Currently technology is used such as medical record, smart card, drug store/ pharmacist depot and laboratory.

Especially medical record, it starts from the simple tools use is numbering electrical and filling until inside of medical record itself. For numbering, currently Indonesia especially in metropolitan city has many hospitals that use computer. Process of medical record number searching is easier and faster. For example, although a patient doesn’t bring RM card, she/he can find medical record file number base on his/her birth day easily.

A difficult system to be applied in Indonesia currently is information technology usage to medical record totally. Even though this system of medical record can be easy, controlled and auditable, this system needs not only big source but also the changing of attitude and behavior of doctor, nurse and medical representative else.

If it may be done success, absolutely patient who brings card such ATM or credit card can pay through the counter in each hospital that only use PIN of his or her card to be download easily. In Indonesia itself, writer ever knows that there is a company does it but currently no news anymore about it.


Actually in Drug Store and Supermarket are same in using of Electronic information Technology, bar code is used in and out coming system. In order to know in and out come automatically to be up to date. Stock opname unbalance can decrease because one of factor, human erroneous. The main problem in this case is resistances of the doer.

All medical tools not only find diagnose but also cure or do therapeutic / treatment, follow up, give education and information to patient.

Medical side has many kinds of electronic equipment that one of technology Information, such as Ultrasound (USG), Rontgen (CT Scan) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Each of them has weakness and goodness.

Beside, there are contras and non-contras mean to inform a useful thing to make clear in reading maximally. For example; Urethra picture, there is a system when the picture is taken, BNO-IVP is called. It means fist photo, plain photo is from stomach inside. Then patient is injected by contrast thing and taken picture twice-3 times to see the running of contrast thing through urethra. From the photo series can be seen how the funtion of kidney and urethra structure. Without injecting contrast thing, this almost can’t be read probably.

Future usage

This Information technology always grows up. Currently, many tools are created to make easy for doctor job to do diagnose or against any decease. Using endoscope (to see intestine) that shapes like capsule swallowed by patient and then it’s out when the patient depeciate. As long as it’s running inside, it can be detected.

There is surgeon is done from far away. From different place, just use communication medium a doctor can do it.

Use vs Cost

As more as modern of the medical tools, as easier as a doctor does medical check up. But the cost is more expensive.

Medical service is quite different with the other services. The different s the lack of knowledge of patient in it, unbalance bargaining, etc. There are some persons who join in it, they are some doctors (As medical refresentative), producent of medical tools (vendor) or hospital team who has investigated the purchasing and patient next.

In develop country where mostly medical cost system is through insurance, a patient can give service in the same position. Insurance side may monitor medical tool usage. If it’s not match, it can’t e claimed by provider. In Indonesia where most of medical cost must be cast. It can be occurred to consultation column.

Profession Organization Role

Generally, It’s rather difficult to put whether a doctor has done misuse medical tool or not. The problem is the technical guidance which matches to the field or not and it’s needed and used by the expert or not.

The common way is done, Audit team is sent by profession organization itself. In midwife and uterus scope, such profession organization can do this is Indonesia Ginecolog and Obstetr Association (POGY), it shows that this organization has role and function and competent to set medical check standard, medicine and specialist education curriculum.

Social Role

Society can consult with medical representative team if they are get difficulties to meet doctor, consultation / discussion to mass medium such newspaper, television, or internet. With many question, all medical or law team can help you to share their knowledge in it.

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