Tips to Fight Off Spyware

These are several tips to prevent you from contacting anything you don’t want to. If you implement all of these tips, the possibilities of you contacting any spyware are nil.


#1. The very first thing to do (if you haven’t done it already) is to install a good spyware blocker.

#2. Install a good firewall.

In the computer world, a firewall is a barrier against anything that would compromise the security of a computer and keeps out things such as spyware, viruses, malware, hackers, etc.

The internet is a public network, which means that any computer that is connected to the internet can connect to another one. A firewall scans any incoming and outgoing data and upon examination stops or approves that data. On its own it cannot fight all of the malignancies out there trying to gain access to computers. However, combined with other security measures (i.e. anti-spyware programs) it becomes an essential part of computer security.

When your firewall is in place, check your settings. Firewall settings can be confusing so read the help files and don’t hesitate to ask someone who is “good at the computer stuff” to either configure it for you or explain how to do it. If that isn’t an option, then do as I do – Google it! Once you’re up and running, there are a couple of online firewall scans that you can run to see if it’s working properly.

After you’re through with that, then hop online if you want to and check out one of the online scans that test your firewall security. Depending on what comes up, you can keep your current settings or adjust them accordingly.

Here are the names of a couple of online firewall scans:

#3: Update, update, update!

#4: Be Safe!


To lessen the chances of spyware and stealing, make up a really good password (don’t use something like JDoe1111) to all of the online websites you have personal information on – all of them. Hackers have amazing password cracking capabilities, so the longer and more jumbled the password, the better. And don’t use the same one for each account because if they get one account, they get them all. Just don’t forget to write them all down!

Okay, enough already. To sum all of this craziness up:

#1: Make sure you have a good spyware blocker program installed.

#2. Make sure you have a good firewall installed. Build a fence to keep the thieves away!

#3: Update your entire security “system” regularly – more than regularly!

#4: Be safe! Do with your computer what you would do in your normal life. Don’t go to unsafe neighborhoods. If someone rings your doorbell and you don’t know who it is, don’t open the door. Make sure that all of your personal information and valuables are put in a place where nobody (except maybe your other half) has access to it.

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