Registration Process of atACC

Once you purchased atACC software, following are simple steps how to register atACC based on license type (SOHO, Standard, or Premium):

1. You will receive email letter regarding registration process.

Dear valued customer

We are happy to welcome you as one of our valued customers. You have become the proud owner of one of the leading accounting and inventory software – atACC.

For registering your software, kindly click Register button from the pre registration screen and select your purchase edition of software, e.g. if you have purchased “2.8 atACC Standard Version”, then select atACC 2.8 Standard Version and click next and enter the given CD Key, when asked. The software will generate your product id. For getting the registration number (license number), Click On-line Registration button or from your internet explorer log on to and click Registration and follow instructions and your license certificate will be displayed on entering the full information. A print out of this Certificate can be taken and preserved for future reference and use. All these numbers, viz. Product id and License numbers, are unique for your machine. This license information is valid for the lifetime of the machine.

Wish you all the best.

atACC Support team

2. Open atACC demo version, click Register at pre-registration screen


3. Select registration type you have purchased

Select License Type
Select License Type

4. You will be asked to enter CD Key given by Atlanta IT. Product ID will generate automatically.

Enter CD Key
Enter CD Key

5. Visit to get registration number and License certificate.

6. atACC is ready to use and enjoy the powerful accounting and inventory software.

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