A highly sophisticated software solution for hospitals which encapsulates, management of entire Hospital Operations, Medical Health Care Information, Financial Accounting, Payroll etc. The total solution is classified into fifteen different modules to maximize the efficiency, management and security.


Features of atCARE


  • Patient Registration (Detailed and Easy Registration forms)
  • Life Long Registration No: for each patients
  • Options to print ID card for Registered patients
  • Initialising Time Schedule for Doctors
  • Assigning Doctors to patients as per time schedule
  • Registration Reports (Doctor Wise and Others)

Admission and Billing (IP/OP Billing)

  • Admitting Registered Patients
  • Allocating Rooms For IP
  • IP, LAB, Scan, X-ray Billing
  • Extensive Search facility of “In Patients”
  • Graphical Room Search and Allocation Options
  • Discharging Patients
  • Creation of Discharge Reports
  • Various Bill collection methods (Cash, Credit, advance etc)
  • IP and OP reports
  • Patient Status Reports
  • Filtered Report Generating options
  • Integration with Other modules (Pharmacy, Lab, Doctors Desktop etc)

Doctors Desktop

  • Out Patient and In Patient status
  • Consultation
  • Maintenance of Examination Results
  • Diagnosis
  • Separate Case Sheets for Each Department
  • Graphical Representation of Internal Body Parts
  • Option to demonstrate complaints to patients graphically
  • Online Prescription to pharmacy and Lab
  • Option to store graphics of cases for each patient separately
  • Integrated with Pharmacy, Lab, Registration, Admission and Billing, operation theatre etc

Pharmacy/ Pharma Store

  • The Complete Pharmacy Management (Inventory and Billing)
  • Classification of Items to various groups (Surgical, medical etc)
  • Option to receive requests for items from various departments
  • Option to issue items to various departments
  • Options to view online prescriptions from Doctors Desktop
  • Automatic Conversion of prescription to bill
  • Credit and Cash sales option
  • Option to Collect Credit Amount (Even Through Admission and Billing)
  • Credit Reports
  • Sales Report (Product wise, Doctor Wise, Patient Wise and more)
  • Inventory Reports
  • Expiry reports


  • Microbiology
  • Histopathology
  • Other Clinical Lab testing
  • Doctor’s request for investigation online
  • Online result posting to Doctors Desktop for each patient
  • Result printing options
  • Credit and Cash Billing Options
  • Option to Collect bill amount
  • Automated Lab Inventory management
  • Integrated with Registration, Admission and Billing, Doctors Desktop etc


  • Integrated with Billing modules
  • User verification options before posting records
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit And Loss
  • Balance sheet and other accounting reports
  • Receivables and Payables reports
  • Advance Payments and reports
  • Collection Reports


  • Classification of items
  • Product Creation
  • Requisitions
  • Indents
  • Purchase orders and Order Approval
  • Product Purchase
  • Issue of items to various departments
  • Issue Returns
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Reports of each Department


  • Screen level Security settings
  • Creation of Departments
  • Creation of users
  • Assigning privileges and Departments to various users
  • Form level and option level security
  • Integrated with all modules


  • Operation Master
  • Detailed Pre Operation checks
  • Post Operation Checks
  • Graphical Representation of Surgical items
  • Option to save video clippings of operation for each patient
  • Assigning Doctors and other Co-Staffs for operation
  • Tracking complete operation process.
  • Integrated with Doctors Desktop


  • Separate billing methods for Staffs and patients
  • Option to receive orders from Nursing Stations
  • Automatic billing of orders
  • Recipes master
  • Inventory control
  • Sales report
  • Collection report
  • Integration With Admission and Billing, Payroll, Nursing Station


  • Receiving Sterilization request from departments
  • Tracking of Products
  • Issue of sterilized products to departments as per request


  • Generation of Birth Certificates
  • Patient status and records
  • Online Medicine prescription
  • Online Lab Test Results
  • Integrated with Pharmacy, Doctors Desktop, Nursing Station


  • Medicine time records
  • Tracking of each treatment for patients separately
  • Diet Control
  • Integrated with Admission and Billing, Canteen, Doctors desktop



  • Complete Payroll management
  • Integrated with Accounts, Canteen, Pharmacy, Admission and Billing