Web based application

It is a web-based applications, web-based application with many advantages compared with standard applications, where the main advantage is  multi-platform and the installation process on the client that is easy.
Here is a list of web-based application that we have to do:
Digital Library
Year: 2008
Tools: HTML,ASP and Microsoft SQL Server

Description: web-based application used for Digital Library

Helpdesk OPTIMA

Helpdesk Optima
Year: 2004

Tools: HTML,PHP and MySQL

Description: Applications that use web-based to help make a recording error of the application that was built in the client.

Sistem Informasi Akademik Application

Sitem Informasi Akademik
Year: 2004
Tools: HTML, PHP, MySQL, and Macromedia Flash
Description: a web-based application for  Sistem Informasi Akademik

Account Management System – SUCOFINDO
Web based AMS

Year: 2005
Tools: HTML,PHP,MySQL and Macromedia Flash
Description: Web application of PT. Superintending Company of Indonesia (Sucofindo).

and many more…