atACC: A versatile accounting package launched by Atlanta IT

atACC 2.8
atACC 2.8

Atlanta IT Solutions, one of the leading software companies with Head office at Malappuram, Kerala and Marketing Offices at Dubai and London, has officially launched their internationally acclaimed accounting software atACC’s new version atACC 2.8 on 22th October 2008. This marks the fulfillment of the company’s aim of penetrating the world market effectively with a world-class versatile accounting package.

The first version of atACC, released in 2004, initially had only the essential features required for an ordinary accounting software and its worldwide acceptance has prompted Atlanta to incorporate more advanced and unique features in the product and release the new version. At present atACC is being marketed in 14 countries including the GCC, Nigeria, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, Indonesia etc.

atACC had been subjected to stringent evaluation and review by lot of the shareware sites like, etc. It is worth mentioning that they have given Star ratings for its quality and performance and have listed it in their product list. Reputed IT publications from Delhi, Mumbai etc have also evaluated and published reviews certifying atACC as one of the best accounting packages in the country. atACC is the only accounting software solely developed from Kerala, which has become popular in the world market within a very short period.

Even though atACC-like software are mainly meant for small and medium entrepreneurs of any kind, atACC 2.8 with its advanced features and modules can be made use of even by big companies with huge transactions. atACC, inter alia, includes the following modules:

• Pay Roll – useful to manage the human resource related operations;
• Bill of Materials – can be used by manufacturing companies;
• Point of Sale – can be used by the super market like organizations with more counters for invoicing purposes etc;
• Weighted Average Costing – useful for those who are having sales activity by importing materials from different countries so that the profit margin by calculating shipment expenses, import tax etc can be calculated;
• Project Management – can be used by companies handling the projects.

The most attractive part of atACC 2.8 is that it supports all world languages (Multi language Capability. Such features as well as its flexibility and related facilities empower atACC target the non-English speaking countries like Japan, Spain etc where local languages are predominant.

Most advanced features like facility to change names of the strings according to the user’s preference, shift management feature, advanced bank reconciliation facility, foreign currency report with loss / gain in the exchange rate, atomized support wizard for the user assistance, facility to compare final account with the previous financial year, facility of getting the final accounts in different formats, etc along with the attractive features of the present atACC like invoice designer, Report layout with column positioning, cheque management facility etc makes the product all the more attractive.

One of the other most noticeable features of atACC is that it can be customized according to the requirement of any particular country’s system. E.g. if the software is used in the Gulf where taxes are not applicable, atACC can be set in such a way and if it is used in Singapore where tax is called as GST, the software can be set as GST only. If some one does not want to use cost center, multi currency, Payroll and/or multi unit like advanced features, they can be made hidden. Similar features are missing in most of the other leading software that are available as of now in the market.

Release of a ready to use accounting package requires sizable investment, continuous efforts and large time span. The acceptance of the product in the world market has however encouraged Atlanta to undertake the venture, and it targets capturing around 50 countries along with its other packages viz. atPHARMA – the complete accounting software for pharmacies, and atCARE – the hospital management software.

The professional approach of web marketing followed by Atlanta helped in the spread of the software and consequent acceptance in the world market. Its simplicity and user-friendliness have accelerated atACC gain acceptance in the world market within a very short period.

During the development stage, Atlanta has been fortunate enough to have the services of experts like Chartered Accountants for designing the features of the package and clearing the concept level issues and also the services of Chennai based M/s Price Waterhouse Coopers, the leading Chartered Accountants Company of USA, as consultant to carry out a SWOT analysis and locate its drawback and suggest additional features.

The goal of Atlanta is to serve the society by releasing the world’s best accounting software and a cost effective ERP package and establishing a channel network in 50 countries within the next few years. Details of atACC are available in and from where the demo version of the product can be downloaded.

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